Belinda Basca


Career Highlights

  • Educational researcher at Harvard’s Project Zero, exploring the complex causal models underlying specific science concepts and misconceptions.
  • Worked in a deep sea research lab, and once traveled to the bottom of the Gulf Mexico in a deep sea submersible.
  • Worked collaboratively with Science Companion author team to create an amazing curriculum!
  • Currently ranked 30th in Northern California for women ages 40-44, CrossFit·


” Success without honor is an unseasoned dish; it will satisfy your hunger, but it won’t taste good.” –Joe Paterno

Belinda’s focus areas include operations, sales support, customer support, pilots, and professional development. She began her career in the classroom and then expanded her knowledge of science education as an educational researcher at Harvard’s Project Zero. She has worked with Science Companion since 2001, as a lead author of several modules, and currently manages the tactical operations of the company. Given her deep understanding of the curriculum, she enjoys sharing her knowledge with customers to meet their needs as they implement Science Companion in their classrooms.

Belinda has also developed science and history/social science curriculum for California’s Education and the Environment Initiative. She has been a key consultant in the development of a variety of prevention briefs and technical papers for the California Governor’s Safe and Drug Free Schools and Communities (SDFSC) program. She authored a website on preventing underage binge drinking and has developed online curriculum on a variety of prevention topics.
Belinda received Bachelor’s degrees in biology and education from Penn State University and her Masters degree in education from Harvard University.


“Don’t stop when you’re tired, stop when you’re done.” –CrossFit

Belinda is the mother of two adorable girls who are featured in Science Companion Prime.  She set up and manages a parent-supported science lab in her girls’ elementary school.  Belinda is an avid CrossFit athlete who loves being challenged physically! She loves to bake and share recipes.

Basca Family Headstands

Basca Family Headstands