Kit Re-Order Forms

Kit Re-Order Forms


For Exploragear® Replacement Parts


Order replacement parts for ExploraGears® directly from Buckeye Custom Supply (


Call Buckeye Custom Supply at 614-600-7979 with part numbers found on packing list or using form below, or email for pricing information.


Click the link to download the order form:


ExploraGear: Pushes and Pulls (NGSS Grade K) 978-1-59192-593-4
ExploraGear: Early Science Explorations 978-1-59192-334-3
ExploraGear: Rainbows, Color, and Light 978-1-59192-461-6
Physical Science
ExploraGear: Light and Sound (NGSS Grade 1) 978-1-59192-596-5
ExploraGear: Solids, Liquids, and Gases (NGSS Grade 2) 978-1-59192-351-0
ExploraGear: Forces in Action (NGSS Grade 3) 978-1-59192-604-7
ExploraGear: Waves (NGSS Grade 4) 978-1-59192-594-1
ExploraGear: Energy Transfers (NGSS Grade 4) 978-1-59192-608-5
ExploraGear: Technology and Energy (NGSS Grade 4) 978-1-59192-615-3
ExploraGear: Investigating Matter (NGSS Grade 5) 978-1-59192-621-4
ExploraGear: Matter 978-1-59192-346-6
ExploraGear: Motion 978-1-59192-337-4
ExploraGear: Magnets 978-1-59192-350-3
ExploraGear: Sound 978-1-59192-340-4
ExploraGear: Light 978-1-59192-343-5
ExploraGear: Electrical Circuits 978-1-59192-352-7
ExploraGear: Energy 978-1-59192-349-7
Life Science
ExploraGear: Examining Living Things (NGSS Grade 1) 978-1-59192-607-8
ExploraGear: Diversity in Habitats (NGSS Grade 2) 978-1-59192-598-9
ExploraGear: Patterns in Life Cycles (NGSS Grade 3)/ Life Cycles 978-1-59192-338-1
ExploraGear: Inheritance and Variation (NGSS Grade 3) 978-1-59192-605-4
ExploraGear: Ecosystems (NGSS Grade 5) 978-1-59192-616-0
ExploraGear: Collecting and Examining Life 978-1-59192-335-0
ExploraGear: Habitats 978-1-59192-341-1
ExploraGear: Nature’s Recyclers 978-1-59192-344-2
ExploraGear: Human Body in Motion 978-1-59192-347-3
ExploraGear: Changing Environments (NGSS Grade 3) 978-1-59192-641-2
ExploraGear: Structures in Living Things (NGSS Grade 4) 978-1-59192-642-9
Earth Science
ExploraGear: Land, Water, and Wind (NGSS Grade 2) 978-1-59192-595-8
ExploraGear: Weather and Climate (NGSS Grade 3) 978-1-59192-597-2
ExploraGear: Our Geosphere (NGSS Grade 4) 978-1-59192-620-7
ExploraGear: Earth in Space (NGSS Grade 5) 978-1-59192-618-4
ExploraGear: Earth’s Systems (NGSS Grade 5) 978-1-59192-606-1
ExploraGear: Weather 978-1-59192-336-7
ExploraGear: Rocks 978-1-59192-339-8
ExploraGear: Soils 978-1-59192-533-0
ExploraGear: Our Solar System 978-1-59192-342-8
ExploraGear: Watery Earth 978-1-59192-345-9
ExploraGear: Earth’s Changing Surface 978-1-59192-348-0
Design Projects
ExploraGear: Simple Machines Design Project 978-1-59192-539-2
ExploraGear: Electrical Circuits Design Project 978-1-59192-545-3
ExploraGear: Science Skill Builders 978-1-59192-465-4

Returns Policy

We know that sometimes materials are ordered a while before they’re used in classrooms, and might be stored in various locations other than the school where they’ll be used. We want to ensure that you received what you ordered as soon as possible so we can make sure that Science Companion is building success in your classrooms from the moment your teachers start to use it.

Please check all shipments carefully, when they arrive at your district or intermediate unit. Make sure you receive the correct number of boxes and books in good condition before signing for shipments.

You must report any discrepancies or damages within 10 days of receipt of shipment.

Science Companion will not accept returns of opened ExploraGear® or Supplemental Classroom Supplies. All other returns must be authorized by SC Curriculum, Inc personnel. There is a 25% restocking fee for all returns.