First Ski Tow Rope in US

ski tow rope






January 28, 1934, the first ski tow rope in the U.S., built by Robert Royce, was used for the first time in Woodstock, Vermont to enable snow skiers to easily reach the top of the mountain. His idea was based on one he had heard was operating since 1932 in Shawbridge, Quebec. The Woodstock tow rope was built by David Dodd of South Newbury in less than 2 weeks for under $500. About 2500 feet of 7/8-in manilla rope was spliced in a loop, passed over pulleys and around a wheel attached to a Model T ford engine. The tow rope ran 900-ft up the hill, easily hauling up to 5 skiers holding on to it up the slope in a minute. The enthusiasts enjoyed riding the tow rope up the hill, adding to the thrill of the downhill journey.

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