Today in Science History – Foucault Pendulum

Today in Science History – Foucault Pendulum

On January 6, 1851, the rotation of the Earth was proved experimentally by Leon Foucault. After weeks of work, he recorded in his journal that he made this discovery at.

Thanksgiving Turkey Trivia

Examining a turkey’s droppings can tell you if a male or a female bird passed through the area. The feces of male turkeys are J-shaped, and also straighter and larger than a female’s..

New Jersey Science Convention

2014 New Jersey Science Convention Just a quick note to let you know that Sam and Molly Felicia will be at the New Jersey Science Convention on October 14-15 at.

Free Tool – NGSS Practices

Free Tool – NGSS Practices

As you are striving to implement the NGSS Scientific and Engineering Practices in your classroom, here’s a free tool to help you. I Wonder Circle The I Wonder Circle, which.

Free Teacher Resource – NGSS Scientific and Engineering Practices

Are you struggling with how to integrate NGSS Practices in your classroom? Science Companion can help.   Science Companion Prime, a Pre K-Grade 6  print and digital science curriculum developed by the.

Science Limerick Contest

In honor of Limerick Day (May 12), we are holding a Science Limerick Contest Post your favorite science limerick as a comment. The top 5 winners with the most “likes”.

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