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Science Companion is a curriculum created for teachers by teachers. Whether you’re an experienced teacher with years of science instruction in your pocket or nervous about how to tackle the powerful learning that comes through inquiry, we’ve got the tools you need to make science sing in your classrooms.

Science Companion offers extraordinary prep and organization tools in your Teacher Lesson Manual (available both online and in print), that will walk through through everything you need to set up, teach, understand, and assess your students’ work.

And now, Science Companion Prime, our new digital offering, comes with a powerful array of teacher videos — our authors and teachers who’ve been using Science Companion successfully share videos on how to set up experiments, how to approach lessons, and how to prepare your classroom.

Teacher Videos


Big Idea Overviews:

Experiment Setups:

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Print Materials


Science Companion offers a wide array of support for teachers for teaching preparation, in the classroom, kit materials management, assessment, and more. Here’s a sample of what our teacher tools include:

Teacher Tools


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We are here to answer your questions! Contact us to request samples of Science Companion Print or schedule a demo of our great new digital offering, Science Companion Prime.

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