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Choosing what you want to teach when you want to teach it is a key component to teaching science successfully. Now, you can teach real inquiry science easily and accessibly, by building a scope and sequence specifically to meet your needs. from the Next Generation Science Standards to your local district’s guidelines. Science Companion content is broken down into clusters of information that allow you to build the curriculum you want to use, without wasting time on concepts that aren’t relevant for you. Our powerful database lets you decide exactly what you want to teach and when.

Custom Scope & Sequence


You can create your own custom scope and sequence, meeting the content guidelines and standards you would like, by mixing and matching our teaching materials. We have built a powerful database into Science Companion Prime that allows you to define by content clusters exactly what you want to teach, when. Here’s an example of how you can drill down into the NGSS guidelines to choose what you want to include in your curriculum:

Screen Shot 2013-08-09 at 2.24.41 PM

Meeting the Next Generation Science Standards


Our new digital platform, Science Companion Prime, is built to meet content and pedagogy standards from NGSS easily.

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