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Your Classroom, Your Way

With Science Companion, you can choose exactly what tools that best fit your classroom. We have a flexible array of print and digital tools all supporting our hands-on science.

Print Tools


Science Companion Print includes all of the following tools for teachers and students. Click on the image to download this flyer — Science Companion curriculum elements are on the front, and a basic scope and sequence is on on the back.


Introducing Science Companion Prime!


A powerful, flexible digital version of our curriculum that stays true to real inquiry, Science Companion Prime brings all of the assets of internet-based teaching and learning to you, no matter how much access you have to technology. And the best part is that you can Prime exactly how you want:

  • • Go all digital on laptops, desktop computers, or tablets (or any combination in between!) for both students and teachers.
  • • Use our great built-in assessment and classroom management tools on Prime.
  • • Student Science Notebooks are available both as interactive web tools AND can be printed.
  • • Use our powerful indexed Teacher Lesson Manual materials on Prime or print what you’d like.
  • • Buy Science Companion Print and Prime together if you’re not quite ready to make the leap all the way to Prime.
  • • The choice is yours! Contact us to find out how this can best fit your classroom needs.

Here’s a sample of a Student Science Notebook exercise that a child has completed. It not only lives in their version of Prime, but also sits right in your teaching tools, so you can check their work any time!

Screen Shot 2013-08-10 at 10.02.52 AM



Ask Us More!


We are here to answer your questions! Contact us to request samples of Science Companion Print or schedule a demo of our great new digital offering, Science Companion Prime.

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