Science Companion is curriculum for teachers, by teachers, built from some of the strongest pedagogical constructs in hands-on learning in the world.

Science Companion Content and Samples

Science Companion meets all of your elementary science needs, including earth science, life science, and physical science. Our Engineering and Technology Design Projects are easily used with Science Companion or any inquiry science curriculum. Click on the links below to download digital samplers of our materials.

Earth Science

Early Science Explorations, Weather, Rocks, Soils, Our Solar System, Watery Earth, and Earth’s Changing Surface

Life Science

Early Science Explorations,   Collecting and Examining Life, Life Cycles, Habitats, Nature’s Recyclers, and Human Body in Motion


Physical Science

Early Science Explorations, Rainbows, Color, and Light, Solids, Liquids, and Gases, Motion, Magnets, Sound, Light, Electrical Circuits, Matter, and Energy

Skill Builders

Science Skill Builders

Engineering and Technology Design Projects

Animal Homes, Electrical Circuits, Moving Systems, Simple Machines, Human Tools, Human Systems


“My kids literally cheer when I tell them it’s time to get out their science notebooks. They pump their fists in the air.”

Meg Griffin

4th Grade Teacher, PA

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